YIP_RegistrationYoga was designed with ashram life in mind.  By retreating to a quiet place, ancient yogis understood that profound states of openness and balance can be achieved.  Because most modern yogis live in busy urban settings, getting the most from a yoga practice—even a regular practice, can feel very elusive.

In this retreat you will have the opportunity unlock yoga’s true potential by experiencing this ancient practice in the ideal setting.  Nourish the body with healthy food, breath in the oxygen rich tropical air, swim, hike and explore one of the most beautiful settings on earth and feel the stress of daily life simply wash away.

beach_yogaJoin teacher and author Darren Main on this fun, healing and life-changing adventure and experience yoga as it was intended—in a safe, quiet and stress free environment.

Connect with other like-minded yogis and return home ready to embrace your life, your family and your friends more fully.